About Us

Our vision ― A safer internet for businesses to thrive in.

Our mission ― To reverse the trend of sensitive data constantly falling prey to hackers.

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The people behind Seif.ai

The team behind Seif.ai can boast a number of feats and exploits. To name a few, our security experts are known for hacking Google, and building from scratch the technology that drives one of Switzerland’s hottest start-ups in the automotive industry, for which we provide year-round cybersecurity assessment and protection.  We also supervised major mergers and acquisitions on the US market, and helped companies through miles and miles of exhausting cybersecurity checklists, leaving no stone unturned.

Whatever the job may be, our main concern is always the same ― to secure all sensitive data and keep it safe 24/7, 365 days a year.

This means that every time our clients are at risk of rolling out a vulnerable software, suffering a malicious payload attack via a supply chain agent, or onboarding a phishing-prone employee, it is up to us to recognize the threat, put them in the correct context, report, and call for remediation ASAP.

Not a simple task, but a noble one instead.

For the purpose of becoming even better at what we do, we developed Seif.ai ― a streamlined, intuitive platform for total cybersecurity assessment and monitoring that is comprehensible to both security teams, as well as to HR and project managers.

The idea is to involve enterprises into taking a proactive approach towards their cybersecurity posture by understanding it through an overview that factors in all threats and risks, and classifies them by severity.

With Seif.ai, cybersecurity becomes fully integrated into an enterprise ― its people, as well as its infrastructure ― increasing the odds of beating the hackers in their own game by 100%.

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Our values

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We firmly believe that our passion towards work and our shared vision are what drives us ahead. Luck favors the bold, and our courage is matched only by the dedication we have towards our mission.

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We are proprietary owners of our adaptive learning algorithm and a number of other technologies that we incorporate into the platform.

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Our researchers and developers are always provided with cutting-edge technology to solve the problems of the future, and dare to push for a paradigm-shifting, and out-of-the-box thinking. 

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Team work

We insist on including every employee into the decision making processes and nurturing everyone's strengths, while working together on overcoming the weaknesses.