November 22, 2021

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Defending Against Attacks

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Defending Against Attacks

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Defending Against Attacks

Discover how our platform safeguards healthcare organizations against cyber threats. Protect sensitive data and human lives

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Defending Against Attacks

Challenge: Preventing Hackers From Snatching Credentials or Delivering Ransomware

Human error is considered to be the number one threat to a healthcare organization’s cybersecurity. Although a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and spam filters prevent the majority of low-tier phishing attacks, hackers have means of bypassing them. A sophisticated spear phishing email carrying a malicious attachment or a credential snatching link can land in an employee’s inbox, making him/her face the threat directly.

These attacks rely on a lack of information security awareness, a lack of cybersecurity protocols, and consistent password policy enforcement.

"Your IT infrastructure needs to be constantly monitored and assessed so that no vulnerabilities or outdated software expose you to attackers.”

Solution: Year-round InfoSec Training, Proactive

Securing healthcare organizations and institutions demands integration and proper configuration of cybersecurity tools, as well as thorough information security training. The latter is specially important, as it equips the workforce with the necessary skillset to recognize and properly react to threats such as social engineering and phishing, both of which account for more than 90% of cyber attacks directed towards healthcare institutions.

Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other relevant cybersecurity standards and regulations should serve as a guideline for taking precautions against Protected Health Information (PHI) theft.

Even more importantly – Your IT infrastructure needs to be constantly monitored and assessed so that no vulnerabilities or outdated software expose you to attackers. It is also advised you keep regular backups of your data, in case a ransomware attack comes through - if it can’t be avoided, at least it can be mitigated through backup.

How Seif Raises InfoSec Awareness and Covers All the Angles of Healthcare Cybersecurity Assessment  

Experience an unprecedented level of cyber and information security with Seif's cutting-edge continuous cybersecurity assessment platform. Elevate your organization's security posture to new heights with our comprehensive suite of tools and features.

Our platform offers tailored awareness programs specifically designed for healthcare institutions, ensuring compliance with Protected Health Information standards. With our compliance checklists, you can effortlessly assess your organization's adherence to industry regulations, identifying any gaps that need attention.

Seif's advanced scanning capabilities go beyond the basics. Discover potential misconfigurations in your firewall and pinpoint vulnerabilities that cybercriminals may exploit, safeguarding your systems from hacking attempts.

But it doesn't stop there. Our platform goes the extra mile in strengthening your workforce's readiness. Easily distribute training courses to all personnel and conduct exams, quizzes, and real-life simulations of phishing attacks and social engineering. By continuously testing your staff, you can stay ahead of evolving threats and build a culture of security awareness.

Take control of your organization's information security risks through our intuitive dashboard. Directly manage learning content, monitor progress, and effectively enforce internal security protocols. Seif empowers you to streamline these crucial tasks, saving you time and effort.

Our platform extends its protection beyond your organization. Conduct vulnerability assessments across all your assets, ensuring a robust defense against potential threats. Moreover, evaluate the cyber risk posed by third parties, such as partners, vendors, and suppliers, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding your business relationships.

Never miss a beat with our proactive reminders. Seif keeps you on top of crucial tasks, such as updating backups, fixing misconfigurations, and replacing outdated software. By avoiding these potential oversights, you can prevent small issues from snowballing into catastrophic events.

With Seif, you go above and beyond mere compliance requirements. Our comprehensive cybersecurity posture significantly reduces the likelihood of successful cyberattacks, leaving no room for unwanted visitors to infiltrate and cause damage.

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