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Reduce cyber risk to near-zero with, a PaaS for continuous cybersecurity assessment across your entire organization.

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Cybersecurity challenges?

The gap between sporadic cybersecurity assessments

Sporadic assessment and testing

The dynamic of agile software development is hardly compatible with traditional cybersecurity approach. With vulnerabilities discovered daily, sporadic pen-tests leave too much exposure for attackers, eagerly trying to capitalise on the insufficient sec-ops.

Frequent Onboarding of Staff and 3rd Parties

Frequent onboarding of staff and integrations with 3rd parties bring about new cyber risks as they are either yet untrained / un-aligned with current security procedures. Until a new training group is formed, or the merger is fully compliant with requested standards, the window of opportunity for malicious factors to intervene is wide open.

Cybersecurity challenges?

Establishing a clear overview of all assets and aspects of cybersecurity

Data Leakage

To accommodate for thriving communication and data sharing between organizations, a growing number of assets, both human and technological, receive ever higher permissions and privileges. This results in an increase of attack vectors with even higher exposure, further stretching an organization’s attack surface.

Unsecure Dependencies

Reliance on an array of libraries, modules, packages and services boosts efficiency in daily operations. However, as the network of dependencies grows, it becomes harder to monitor and keep track of. Security threats slip in, eventually putting an entire network of connected entities at risk.

InfoSec lags behind

Fast-paced digitalisation brought about numerous cyber security challenges. They persist due to the general lack of skilled professionals, resources, and simple-to-implement solutions in the cybersecurity industry.

Why Continuos Security?


Close the gap between annual pen-tests

Run pen-tests after each new asset addition, and keep your cybersecurity posture high, while being audit-ready and compliant with standards year-round.


Find dependencies that make you vulnerable

Run vulnerability scans across all your assets and open source libraries. Get notified the moment they become compromised and keep your active infrastructure and ongoing projects secure from the get-go.


Train employees effectively, in optimal time-frames

Customize your content and deliver it to learners across departments, decide upon time schedules, and quickly integrate onboarding staff. is a machine learning powered platform for continuous cybersecurity assessment, probing, and protecting your organization 24/7/365. uses its proprietary adaptive learning algorithm to run pipelines that mimic attackers’ capabilities, manage vulnerability scans with contextual understanding of the system, and provide each employee with a customized set of learning content.

Cover all aspects of your cybersecurity

Human Resources

InfoSec Awareness Training

From basic to advanced, provide cybersecurity training to all your employees

Software & Hardware

Continuous Pentesting

Probe your assets on a regular basis to remediate existing, and prevent emerging vulnerabilities.

3rd Parties

Supply chain, vendors & clients risk scoring

Receive input on the level of cybersecurity maintained by your peers: supply chains, vendors, partners, as well as clients.


Regulation & Certification

Achieve and maintain compliance with all major industry standards and cybersecurity frameworks.

Information Security Awareness

Continuous education, attack simulation, monitoring, and assessment of employees and their responsiveness to everyday information security threats.

Continuous Penetration Testing & Assessment

Identification of assets, detection of vulnerabilities, and continuous security monitoring & penetration testing of your entire organization’s hardware and software infrastructure.

3rd party cyber score

Measuring the cyber risk of doing business and sharing sensitive data with your vendors, suppliers, and partners.

Continuous Penetration Testing & Assessment

A set of on-click summaries, reports, and checklists, that ensure your organization is compliant with cybersecurity standards such as NIST, PCI, SOX, and GDPR. helps an entire organization

A One-Stop Cybersecurity Assessment station for Sec Teams, Managers, HR, Developers, and others