November 22, 2021

Fortifying Retail's Third-Party Ecosystem

Fortifying Retail's Third-Party Ecosystem

Fortifying Retail's Third-Party Ecosystem

Learn how Seif provides all-in-one-place proactive cybersecurity measures for retail companies

Fortifying Retail's Third-Party Ecosystem

Challenge: Consolidating Cybersecurity Within a Large Network of Third Parties

Hackers leverage complex B2B ecosystems that share sensitive information with third parties by finding the weakest link in the chain and laterally moving upwards to deliver a malicious payload or extract sensitive personal and financial data of the users.  

The challenge is to synchronize the cybersecurity postures of each of the third parties involved. However, this process can be time-consuming and aggravating, when you take into account the lack of cooperation, transparency, and coordination between the central company and its adjacent software, service, or goods providers.

"Cyber risk scoring makes sure everyone is on the same page"

Solution: Implementing Continuous, Holistic Cyber Risk Assessment

To avoid the domino effect of a supply chain attack,  the company needs to apply continuous cyber risk scoring of the entire business ecosystem. From that point on, it can further coordinate the remediation of vulnerabilities among its third parties or simply look for partners with better cybersecurity. Either way, cyber risk scoring makes sure everyone is on the same page by keeping their separate, yet interconnected, cybersecurity postures on a high level.

Seif Helps You Align Third Parties with Your Risk Tolerance and Organizational Objectives

Seif platform revolutionizes the assessment of third-party cybersecurity posture through its non-invasive scanning methods. By evaluating the security landscape of your business partners, we cultivate resilience and foster trust while reducing the overall attack surface across the entire ecosystem of third parties.

Our platform boasts a comprehensive set of features that analyze and report on the cybersecurity levels employed by third parties. With this invaluable insight, you can make data-driven decisions, collaborate proactively with third parties to enhance access privilege configurations, and fortify your company's cyber defense perimeter.

Gone are the days of lengthy assessment processes. Thanks to Seif, what used to take weeks can now be accomplished within a matter of hours. With our efficient platform, you can swiftly assess the security posture of service providers, vendors, and even 4th parties—companies that your third parties outsource to for various functions.

The ultimate outcome? A safer business environment and a coordinated effort to safeguard the financial well-being and security of sensitive information—both for your customers and your company, as well as its valued partners.

Join the ranks of organizations that have embraced Seif and experienced the transformative power of our platform. Contact us today to schedule a personalized demo and witness firsthand how we can elevate your cybersecurity strategy, strengthen business relationships, and protect the integrity of critical data.

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