Healthcare Cybersecurity: Defending Against Attacks

Discover how our platform safeguards healthcare organizations against cyber threats. Protect sensitive data and human lives.

Challenge: Preventing Hackers From Snatching Credentials or Delivering Ransomware

Human error is considered to be the number one threat to a healthcare organization’s cybersecurity. Although a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and spam filters prevent the majority of low-tier phishing attacks, hackers have means of bypassing them. A sophisticated spear phishing email carrying a malicious attachment or a credential snatching link can land in an employee’s inbox, making him/her face the threat directly.

These attacks rely on a lack of information security awareness, a lack of cybersecurity protocols, and consistent password policy enforcement.

"Cloud backup of all vital data, the absence of which may endanger lives.”

Solution: Year-round InfoSec Training, Compliance, and Cloud Backup

Securing healthcare organizations and institutions demands integration and proper configuration of cybersecurity tools, as well as thorough information security training.

Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other relevant cybersecurity standards and regulations should serve as a guideline for taking precautions against Protected Health Information (PHI) theft.

Most importantly – cloud backup of all vital data, the absence of which may endanger lives. This primarily refers to patients’ medical files that help in their daily treatment. If a ransomware attack can’t be avoided, at least it can be mitigated through backup.

How Seif Raises InfoSec Awareness and Covers All the Angles of Healthcare Cybersecurity Assessment  

Seif's continuous cybersecurity assessment platform is fully equipped to elevate the status of your cyber and information security to the highest level.

It provides awareness programs developed precisely for healthcare institutions, compliance checklists compatible with Protected Health Information standards, and scans that locate misconfigurations in your firewall, as well as vulnerabilities that might lead to hacking.

Apart from training courses that are easily distributed to all personnel, the platform includes exams, quizzes, and real-life simulations of phishing attacks and social engineering, aimed at continuous testing of staff.

You can manage all information security risks from a single dashboard – direct and control learning content, monitor progress, and generate as well as enforce internal security protocols effectively.

Apart from training your staff, Seif enables vulnerability assessments across all your assets, as well as cyber risk scoring of 3rd parties like partners, vendors, and suppliers. The platform also sends out reminders for updating backups, fixing misconfigurations, replacing outdated software, and avoiding other potential snowflake-turned-avalanche oversights.  

The result is a cybersecurity posture beyond compliance requirements that significantly reduces the odds of a successful cyberattack, making double sure no unwanted visitors get the chance to creep in and do damage.

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